Monday, October 20, 2014

Add Some Style To Your Backdrop Collection!

Think back to your last handful of photo shoots. Did it include outdoor photography, high-key and/or Old Master backdrops? That makes sense, because it's the norm. Now think about what else there is to shoot. Think about your creativity and the thousands of other ways you can shoot your next model/client in a fun and new way. It doesn't have to include a half dozen props and it doesn't have to be at the ideal time of day to catch the sun just right. It can be in your studio, home studio or even out and about. Cater new styles to your needs!
Move over solid colors! 

 Themes such as Patriotic, Holidays and other events are tired of the same old solid colors. You see it all the time. Red, white and blue for the 4th of July. Red, green and white for Christmas. Pink and red for Valentine's Day. They're simple, easy and yes...overdone. Why not bring the action with a backdrop dedicated to each? With options well below $100 you can't go wrong. Shown here are just two examples of patriotic backdrops done right.

Your clients will be thrilled to shoot with backdrops geared directly towards what they were looking for. This can be used for military balls, maternity shoots, welcome home shots and much more. Shown in these images is just how easy these shoot. You can hang them vertical or horizontal to fit the direction you're going wit.

Cancel those studio renovations!
Don't have anywhere cool to shoot? Lack the hours in the day to capture daylight? Do you shoot in your house or a small studio that doesn't have fun floors, walls and windows? We understand that completely. Shown here is just how versatile a new backdrop can be. What originally looks like grungy indoor setting quickly turns into a warm scenic view or a high contrast throwback. The options never end.
 Shown below is what most photographers would die for in their studio. A natural brick wall to capture great senior shots, fun with kids or just the whole family. Why not bring that to your studio with affordable printed backdrops? Hit them with some warm light and let the colors pop!

We know you. You're the type of person that wants to make sure every client is happy with not only the finished product, but the entire process. Bring them more than they expect with some additional crazy styles. Why crazy styles? Well because kids love them! We all know that kids can be stubborn at times, but when you throw something fun behind them and say "act like your favorite super hero they!" they light up. Give it a try and remember "we told ya so". After they've got that big cheesy grin going you slide in Mom's favorite "back to school" styles and you've just made everyone grin ear to ear.
Style # 146                                                      Style # 1479

Working with new backdrop materials can be frightening. You don't know how they shoot, what angles to shoot them at and what ages work best with them. Posh Cloth is the answer to your fears. These 5x9 easy to use backdrops never fail to impress! They each have a sewn rod pocket at the top and are washer and dryer safe. They're 3D backdrops that supply tons of texture and depth in each and every shot.
They're as easy as hang, light, shoot!

So you've gotten this far and you've probably asked yourself a few times "what materials did they use and what size do I need?". Those are two great questions. We like to shoot a lot on smaller sizes. Backdrops we tend to shoot most are Candy Drops at 5x7 and Titanium Cloth at 5x6 or 8x8. We also use floors in those sizes or even as small as 4x5, 4x8 and 5x7 printed on our super durable Candy Floors. The best part of using smaller backgrounds is the option to mix and match. You can order three backdrops and three floors and have 9 or more setups available! And yes, we often use our backdrops as floors. Not using that brick backdrop? Lay it on the floor and shoot it!

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Think Outside the Backdrop

If you're like most photographers you probably have a slew of backgrounds. Maybe a few Old Master, a handful of solid colors and the occasional Scenic or Abstract backgrounds. That's a great start, but have you thought about what else you could bring your customers? Let's cover just a few options "outside the backdrop".


Plexiglass is 2'x4' and available in 5 great colors; Mirror, Clear, Black, Blue and White. Each can be used by itself or as a fun accent to your setup. 

Candy Floors

Candy Floors are soft, lighweight, durable floors designed for Photographers. They photograph like real floors and switch out effortlessly. The soft top supplies a nice surface for babies, adults and pets. The rubber backing provides a non-slip grip for worry free shoots. Click here to learn more about them.

Candy Floors are available in four great sizes; 4'x5, 4'x8', 5'x7' and 8'x8'. They can be used as a floor, backdrop or both in the same shot!
Fur can be a great asset in your studio. It can be used as a backdrop, floor or accessory. It's super soft and comes in a bunch of great colors and sizes.

Colors - Brown, Pink, White, Gold, Red, Orange, Caramel, Lavender, Green, Wine, Blue, Cream, Grey/White and Pink/White.

Sizes - 15"x18", 30"x36" and 60"x72"

Fantasy Cloth

Fantasy Cloth are 9'x16' sheer backdrops. We know what you're thinking "but that's a backdrop". True, but it's so much more than that. Fantasy Cloth works great for draping, using gels, shooting through them and using them as props. When we say props we mean using white as snow or clouds, green as grass and just about anything else you can imagine.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to Manage Wrinkles as a Photographer

It doesn't matter if you're a studio photographer or shoot out and about, you're going to run into a wrinkled backdrop sometime. Wrinkles in most cases are a bad thing when it comes to photography. They distract the eye, they require you to spend time editing and nobody likes them. 

Here's how you tackle them!

You can start by avoiding materials that wrinkle. Here at Backdrop Outlet we carry many items to do just that. Our first and most popular would be Pro Vinyl. This comes in three great colors; White, Black and Grey. Each comes rolled and shoots wonderfully time after time. It's a must have for any professional studio photographer, amateur and anything in between. Pro Vinyl comes in several convenient sizes; 4.5'x6', 6'x9', 8'x16' and 9'x18'. And can do a cake smash on it! It's super easy to clean up. Simply wipe down with a wet rag and you're good to go.

Don't forget a floor!

If you're like us you'll want a floor that doesn't wrinkle, crease or move around a lot when stepped on. We took that all into account and came up with Candy Floors. The world's best flooring option for any type of photography. These great floors have a soft cotton top with a slip-resistant rubber bottom. This supplies a great surface to shoot on without the worry of it moving around or bunching up.  

Maybe you want something more portable?

Here are a few great options;

Titanium Cloth - Printed wrinkle resistant muslin like material that's washer and dryer safe.

Titanium Cloth is great for both studio use and on-the-go. Each background has a sewn rod pocket and a vivid image. The soft material allows for great wrinkle resistance. 

Diamond Cloth - Solid color wrinkle resistant poly/cotton backdrop that's washer and dryer safe.

Vinyl might not be the best option for photographers that lack storage or their own studio. Solid color Diamond Cloth gives you the quality of Vinyl without the bulk.

Fantasy Cloth -  The only backdrop that loves to be wrinkled! These amazing backgrounds are very affordable and work in many ways. You can backlight, shoot through, gel and drape them. The best part is that they're meant to be bunched up and shot as is!

Fantasy Cloth is a fan favorite around the world and deservedly so! These great backdrops begged to be wrinkled! Simply bunch them up and the wrinkles vanish into a fine texture. They come in solid and mixed colors to fit any shot you may have. Drape two or more pieces and unleash a world of new colors and textures!

But I want to shoot hand painted Muslin too!

Hey, so do we! When you store muslin you'll want to loosely fold them and store without added weight on top. If you do encounter wrinkles just hang it up and steam top to bottom. Steaming is quick and easy with our Steam Quick

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


If you've ever used solid color backgrounds you know that there's a few struggles you might deal with;
-they might wrinkle
-they might get dirty
-they might not hang straight/flush
-they might be tricky to light
-they might be pricey

Diamond Cloth is the answer to all those problems. It's wrinkle resistant, washer and dryer safe, easy to hang (each piece includes a sewn rod pocket across the top), simple to light and very affordable! What more could you ask for? 

Oh you're worried about the size? We've got you covered! Diamond Cloth comes in  5'x9' for kids, head shots, 3/4 shots and more, 10'x10' for any full shot using a separate floor, 10'x20' for groups, families and shots without an additional floor and lastly 20'x20' for those with dance recitals, sport teams, cars, elephants or whatever else.
 Diamond Cloth can be hung in any way you choose. We recommend either from a background stand or using our track system shown in the images shown.

Worried about what colors you may need? We offer 30 great color choices to fill any need. Various shades of many colors, true white, true black, chroma green and much more! Check out all these great images.













Monday, August 25, 2014


You may be saying out loud to yourself right now "'s not even September yet". We'd have to agree with you, but photographers and photography enthusiasts have birthdays too! You don't even need a major holiday to let your good friend or partner know that you not only care, but support their passion. Let us show you what you might soon realize you'll want yourself!

 Photographers are some of the most fun loving and passionate people around. Why not get them something that can show off what they enjoy AND make them feel good at the same time? Our line of photography themed shirts is sure to hit the spot. 
You thought for a second we'd simply offer a unisex shirt? Not a chance! We have lines fit for both Men and Women. Grab a Women's v-neck for the photographer that wants to be fashion forward with their awesomeness.
*More great styles shown online 

So you've seen the sick line of shirts, but you're worried that the gift recipient is a bit too "refined" for a t-shirt. We get that. That's why we set out to design the cleanest line of photography inspired posters around! We sell these individually and unframed to allow you to choose what to do with it. You don't buy a home fully furnished, do you? Oh...sorry we assumed you'd say no. Well to the rest of you here's what you're looking for! 

At this point you've obviously nabbed a shirt or two and decked out not only your friends place in sweet posters, but also your own. Now you have to think about how you're going to enjoy a gift together. While we wouldn't recommend sharing a shirt, we do think a set of lens shot glasses would be a killer idea. We know that not everyone enjoys drinking and that's why we've used these little guys for a numerous amount of things;
-paperclip holder at the desk
-espresso cup
-fun prop for young ones
-mini plant holder 
and the list goes on...

Now we know you've got to be tired. You should also know we've got you covered! Grab a trendy pillow for home, studio or on-the-go use.
So whether you, your friend or someone you know enjoys photography you'll have a plan for that next gift idea! Check out all of these great gift ideas and more from Backdrop Outlet.