Tuesday, September 16, 2014


If you've ever used solid color backgrounds you know that there's a few struggles you might deal with;
-they might wrinkle
-they might get dirty
-they might not hang straight/flush
-they might be tricky to light
-they might be pricey

Diamond Cloth is the answer to all those problems. It's wrinkle resistant, washer and dryer safe, easy to hang (each piece includes a sewn rod pocket across the top), simple to light and very affordable! What more could you ask for? 

Oh you're worried about the size? We've got you covered! Diamond Cloth comes in  5'x9' for kids, head shots, 3/4 shots and more, 10'x10' for any full shot using a separate floor, 10'x20' for groups, families and shots without an additional floor and lastly 20'x20' for those with dance recitals, sport teams, cars, elephants or whatever else.
 Diamond Cloth can be hung in any way you choose. We recommend either from a background stand or using our track system shown in the images shown.

Worried about what colors you may need? We offer 30 great color choices to fill any need. Various shades of many colors, true white, true black, chroma green and much more! Check out all these great images.













Monday, August 25, 2014


You may be saying out loud to yourself right now "but...it's not even September yet". We'd have to agree with you, but photographers and photography enthusiasts have birthdays too! You don't even need a major holiday to let your good friend or partner know that you not only care, but support their passion. Let us show you what you might soon realize you'll want yourself!

 Photographers are some of the most fun loving and passionate people around. Why not get them something that can show off what they enjoy AND make them feel good at the same time? Our line of photography themed shirts is sure to hit the spot. 
You thought for a second we'd simply offer a unisex shirt? Not a chance! We have lines fit for both Men and Women. Grab a Women's v-neck for the photographer that wants to be fashion forward with their awesomeness.
*More great styles shown online 

So you've seen the sick line of shirts, but you're worried that the gift recipient is a bit too "refined" for a t-shirt. We get that. That's why we set out to design the cleanest line of photography inspired posters around! We sell these individually and unframed to allow you to choose what to do with it. You don't buy a home fully furnished, do you? Oh...sorry we assumed you'd say no. Well to the rest of you here's what you're looking for! 

At this point you've obviously nabbed a shirt or two and decked out not only your friends place in sweet posters, but also your own. Now you have to think about how you're going to enjoy a gift together. While we wouldn't recommend sharing a shirt, we do think a set of lens shot glasses would be a killer idea. We know that not everyone enjoys drinking and that's why we've used these little guys for a numerous amount of things;
-paperclip holder at the desk
-espresso cup
-fun prop for young ones
-mini plant holder 
and the list goes on...

Now we know you've got to be tired. You should also know we've got you covered! Grab a trendy pillow for home, studio or on-the-go use.
So whether you, your friend or someone you know enjoys photography you'll have a plan for that next gift idea! Check out all of these great gift ideas and more from Backdrop Outlet.  

Monday, July 7, 2014

Backdrop Outlet SUMMER WAREHOUSE BLOWOUT EVENT July 25+26, 2014

The Backdrop Outlet Summer Warehouse Blowout Event is back and you won't want to miss it! 

• Printed Backdrops from $10 
•Mulsin from $19 •Closeout props from $5 

•Titanium and Platinum Cloth up to 80% OFF 
•Lights, Stands and Reflectors up to 75% OFF
And so much more! 
*First 50 customers receive a FREE GIFT*
Our biggest event sale of the year!
You're not going to want to miss it!

-Drawings All Day
-Door Prizes
-Bruised & Reduced Items
-Plenty of Free Parking

You're not going to want to miss it!

Fri July 25th 9-5pm
Sat July 26th 9-4pm

Backdrop Outlet
3540 Seagate Way
Oceanside CA 92056

Huge savings that you won't find ANYWHERE ELSE

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Top 10 Ways to Make your Online Photography Portfolio Stand Out

An online portfolio is the modern day calling card. It’s how many customers first see your photography and a first impression is as important as ever. Take these important steps now to get established online, showcase your work and help your photos reach the right people - and the right clients.

1. Give Yourself An Online Makeover

For a seasoned pro, it may be time to take a fresh look at your photography business and analyze what has been successful or not in the past. Stay up to date with tech and web advances, find new tools that can help your bottom line, and give your business an online makeover.

Ask yourself: is my website helping me achieve my business and marketing goals? Ask friends or colleagues to give you an honest review and change things. Good custom portfolio website builders offer things like search engine optimization (SEO), ecommerce capabilities and beautiful, customizable photo galleries.

2. Know Your Forte & Share Your Knowledge

It could be time to scale back and really find your niche. Decide what it is and then get busy telling everyone about it. Use your portfolio website to become known as an expert by writing articles and your work will be the back up evidence. Writing informative industry pieces specific to the kind of work you do will make you easy to find for clients looking for exactly what you provide.

3. Show Your Best Stuff

With so many images floating around, how do you select which photographs to showcase on your website? This might be your biggest obstacle. Again, you can ask a trusted friend or colleague for help. Select your best images to show off - potential clients don’t need to see everything you’ve ever shot.

Then take the stress out of how to make it all look professional by using an online portfolio service. There are many to choose from and a company for every budget. Portfolio building sites help you optimize all aspects of your website - from SEO and responsive photo galleries to ecommerce - so your photography looks and sells best.

5. Soup Up Your SEO

If clients can’t locate you in a search, they can’t hire you. This is where SEO comes in. For best results, select an online portfolio service that doesn’t use Flash. HTML based sites (versus Flash) allow you to create a best-practices optimized site, with search engine friendly URLs, crawlable content, and unique meta tags. These techniques make it possible to drive traffic to specific places on your site and build links to more than just the homepage.
6. Social Media Works

Be sure to enlist the help of social media sites - Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram. Stay active and advertise any promotions or events you have on the calendar. Also make comments and engage where your clients are. Comments on other pages and sharing things that are relevant to you and your business keep you top of mind for your fans and followers and help drive traffic to your site. It’s also nice to be nice, so any promotion you give to other sites and businesses will likely be returned in kind.

And if the majority of your business is local, Google+ is a priority social media site. Local search engine rankings are vital for smaller businesses, and a well optimized Google+ business page linked to your website is the place to begin.

7. Tell People What To Do

Once a prospective client arrives at your online portfolio, be sure there is a clear goal for them to complete. Maybe you want them to sign up for your newsletter, or complete a contact form. No matter the task, it should be openly stated and easy to do online.

8. Review and Be Reviewed

Review sites for business and services offer unbiased reviews of everything under the sun and consumers rely heavily on the information they provide. Get in the mix by writing your own reviews or comment on a beautiful image you come across. Sites like these allow you to create a descriptive user profile which can point directly to your website.

9. Give Client Love

And they will love you back. You can quickly and easily remind former clients of the great work you did for them and get them talking about you again. Identify your top clients and send them a note asking for a little mention - something as quick and easy as a Like on Facebook. Social media is how many people communicate and pick up references most commonly.

10. Circle Back

Link back to yourself as often as possible and make your online presence known. If you read up on industry matters, create a member profile with that publication and comment so other readers and commenters see your name and business. Make link exchanges with friendly colleagues or other local businesses so your name and site appears as everywhere possible.

Author Bio

Julian Dormon is the Founder of BigBlackBag, specializing in professionally designed online portfolio websites perfect for photographers, artists, and other creative professionals. He's an amateur photographer and professional entrepreneur with a passion for all things beautiful.

Improve your photography 

Check out our site at www.BackdropOutlet.com for great ways to improve your photography! We carry the best photography backdrops, floors, props and more to make sure your pictures pop! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


    Hot new Baby Drop styles have just hit the site! These easy to use, durable and very affordable baby backdrops are great for studio use! Check back each week for great new styles and don't forget to submit your own images using our products!

    Below are just a handful of great new styles available on Baby Drops! Check here for the full collection.