Black & White High Impact Photography

As a photographer that came from the Analog method of shooting, (Film) not digital. I learned to love B&W images. Black & White is timeless and if done correctly has all the qualities of Color for certain subjects. I used to always carry my Leica camera loaded with T-Max 400 or Ilford HP-4 film and used my camera to create exciting images.

 I look for contrast in my subject, not color. As you start shooting B&W you will start to see your subjects in B&W and know what will make a great image.
 I try to always shoot in open shade, not in bright sunlight with the sun shining on the subject. I look at the eyes and if the walls are bright near my subject you most likely will not need a reflector or fill flash. If walls are not bright you may need a reflector, either white or silver.
But, do not let the reflector get too bright, and silver can over power the lighting.
Many times when shooting in my studio, I put my Pentax or Leica digital camera in B&W mode for a more striking effect. Other times I will convert the original color image to a B&W by desaturating the image.
One of my favorite shooting tips is to shoot my subject or model in and near a mirror. I like to have my model act like I'm not there and is involved with herself in the mirror. This technique works extremely well with children. Mirrors available are the  Plexiglass Mirror or Floor Mirror both great options.

 Whenever your model is wearing clothing that has strong contrast with the background, you have the potential to make a great B&W image.

Look for extreme camera angles, when shooting full length, kneel down to make your model look leggy and tall, for more dramatic angles, lay on the ground to shoot your shot. When you have a dramatic pose, position your camera high and shoot down on the subject. The camera angle makes this photo highly dramatic.

Now, set your camera to B&W mode if the camera allows it, or convert some of your color images to B&W and see how strong B&W is in making beautiful dynamic images that are timeless.

Enjoy the craft of photography with some of my suggestions.

Art Ketchum