Reflectors to add pizazzzz.... to your photos

One of the very first accessories to consider adding to your repertoire of camera gear should be a good reflector. We generally shoot images with a descent camera and zoom lens but fail to add the right kind of accessory that will make our images stand apart from the multitude of pictures we see on a daily basis. Do you want to make your images appear more professional then consider a multi color reflector.

Backdrop Outlet sells a variety of reflectors for this purpose. At the best price you can find anywhere.

This is a 5 in 1 kit and is available in different sizes. I prefer the larger 40" size as it will be far more effective on a full length photo. The smaller size will work for head shots and smaller subjects. But, the large size will pretty much work for anyone you want to photograph. These 5 in 1 reflectors come with different fabrics for different amounts of reflectivity. Gold, Silver, White, Translucent, and Black.

Each surface of the kit can be used to help add to your professional lighting in the sun. The reflector can also be used with studio lighting and works well to create glamour lighting in face shots.

In both of these examples I used the white reflector as the silver was too bright and hot to make the light look natural. I personally find the white and the shoot through (translucent) to be the most used of the 5 different reflectors.

If your sunlight is not real bright light, then the silver or gold work well, the gold warms up the image to create that (sweet light) color of light similar to the light at sunset.
 When shooting at a greater distance this is the time you will try the silver or gold depending on the effect you are trying to accomplish.

 Try to create strong poses when shooting full length shots that show the subjects leggy quality. This only works on subjects that are leggy.
  I personally love B&W photos and I like sepia or the browntone effect that you can create easily by adding or changing the Black to Brown in your computer. This image was again created with a silver or gold reflector.
 In this case I set my camera on B&W and my Pentax like many of the SLR cameras allow me to choose a filter effect, I chose to use the B&W Infrared effect filter. Very strong contrast in this image.
Jamie on the steps and with the column were also lighted with the use of white or silver reflector, not remembering goes with the age of the photographer. It does not matter, it's what ever works best in the situation you are in, if the reflector is too bright with silver, try gold if it is too warm in color or too bright, go to white. You will know which is correct when you see the result on the back of your monitor on your camera.

These are the reasons for owning your own set of 5 in 1 reflectors.
Remember, copy good poses you see, as no one owns or copyrights a pose. It becomes your pose.

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Art Ketchum