Fantasy cloth backgrounds

Some years back Backdrop Outlet introduced a new product and I had the opportunity to try out this strange very lightweight material.
The product did not have a name yet and I was asked what I would call this unique material. As the material is translucent letting light through the material and was available in dozens of colors, I immediately thought Fantasy, and said Fantasy Cloth. The name stuck and they named it Fantasy cloth.
Shown below is the  EXFC55  and the EXFC14

The images illustrated in this article show the versatility of the product and provide a feeling that creates the Fantasy feel to the image. The cost of this background material make it affordable to any photographer. Fantasy cloth in a 9'wide x 21' length starts at $19.95 when on sale. I ask, where can you buy a professional background (brand new) for such a low cost. If you use enter the word BLOG SALE in the notes section on website when checking out they will discount the price to $19.95 each when they download your order. They offer this in a huge assortment of solid and mottled tones.
Check out all the colors here.

I generally use Backdrop Outlet Fantasy Cloth backgrounds in multiples as then, I can drape them, create some folds, cover chairs or boxes with the Fantasy Cloth and the material will put your photographs in a class by themselves. The effects you can create are soft, elegant and always visually pleasing. Mix and match colors to maximize your creativity. Layer Fantasy Cloths on top of each other for endless possibilities.

Backdrop Outlet Fantasy Cloths are awesome accents for any scene or it can be used as an entire background on its own.  As shown here is the EXFC30

Wrinkle It. Backlight It. Shoot Through It. Diffuse with It. Color Gel It. Layer It. Drape It. What other creative uses will you think of? 

Along with shooting a few different colors of Fantasy Cloth, I recommend purchasing a background light, Backdrop Outlet sells a very small backdrop light kit with 4-colored gel caps, special socket and background stand all for about $89.  SC91020 This little light works fantastic with the Fantasy cloth and can be aimed at the material like some of the sample images show and you inevitably create all new colors with your Fantasy Cloth. Or you can light from behind and create other effects.
If you notice the style shown below EXFC30  looks like a muslin when photographed. It can be shot with no other background needed. The lighter colors you would need to shoot over a solid or mottled tone background.

Backdrop Outlet Fantasy cloth have the advantage of being available in a multitude of colors and are so small as to be able to stuff in a camera bag or plastic grocery store bag. 
I find the soft feel especially useful for children, shooting women for boudoir portraits, also note that the material is great for shooting head shots.

and I'm Art Ketchum
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