Natural B&W Photography

I have always had a passion for Black & White photography. I still do, even though we are all shooting with Digital color cameras. I think B&W photography holds the key to some timeless image making. Most of the photos illustrated in this article were shot on real film. Some of you may remember that old stuff called film. Well, you can still get it at better photo stores and at all the mail order photo companies on line.
 Top photo taken in Alaska digitally then converted to Sepia tone, very simply in Adobe Photoshop.

The Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, TX was taken on 400 ISO film with an older film camera.
If you still own a 35mm film camera and a fast normal lens, ie. F:1.8 or F:1.4 you have the opportunity to create some spectacular images.
You can also set your digital cameras to ISO 3200 or use 3200 film available from both Kodak and Ilford.The film choice over digital is better as the quality will hold up better. I invite you to try it out.

I've used a film camera for many years and refuse to give up on film.
Digital is great but there are some things film does better and this is one of those things. The images you see of my city shots are all done with a 35mm camera, hand held, (no tripod) shot at ISO 3200 with about 1/250 sec at wide open on the lens, F:stop was at about F:2.
If your camera has metering in the camera all you need do is load the camera for some dynamic night shots and set the camera on P for program and you will be amazed at your photography.

The night shots are all photographed with the ISO 3200 film, the daytime shots are shot on ISO 400 B&W film. Remember when you see someone that makes a spectacle out of their appearance, ie. Piercings, Tatoos, wild outfits and bizarre behavior. They are basically saying, "Look at Me" and will like the idea of being photographed, so I usually ask and then start shooting. They want to be noticed, you as the photographer are making them stars for the time you are shooting them.

I particularly like to shoot buildings in B&W as normally there is not much color, so the buildings take on a timeless quality.
Churches and Missions make ideal subjects.

My fun B&W images. Would they be better in color? I don't think so!

 Time to dig out that old film camera and get creative.

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