Featured Photographer Wendy Ternes Photography

This months featured photographer is Wendy Ternes. Her creative style is beautiful. We asked her to tell about her style and how she started. Shown below  MOD CLOTH  and TUTU



 Shown below in both images  Mirror Plexiglass

  Mirror Plexiglass

  Mirror Plexiglass

I have been a professional photographer for the past 3 years.   It all started with having my first daughter and wanting to capture the special moments in her life.

  So I did what every new parents do, and traveled to nearby malls looking for photographers to photograph my child.  Shown Sea Princess

Sea Princess
Sea Princess

  After being disappointed after a few shoots, I decided to take up photography myself.  I started buying some photography equipment, took a single  photography class, read many books, and practiced photography every chance I could.  Shown Below PETAL MAT


 Family members and friends started seeing the shots I was taking of my girls and asked me to take their children’s portraits.  From there it snowballed into my own business.  Seven years later, I am very established businesses owner of Wendy Ternes Photography. shown below is the

I do many types of photography, such as Weddings, Seniors, and Family portraits, but really specialize in Newborn and Children’s portraits. Shown in photo PRO CAST FLOOR and BOYS OUTFIT

Shown Backdrop outlet knit cap and BLACK DIAMOND CLOTH

   I started my collection of props and backdrops after finding  BACKDROP OUTLET online.
With the wide variety they have at such great prices, it was easy to be inspired to build new sets, and try new ideas.  Having a wide selection of props is a big part of me having return customers.
Shown Below Egg Shell Hay Combo

They come in for a certain type of shoot, and leave already thinking about the child’s next shoot with a different set they see in my home studio.
Shown below Black Diamond Cloth  and Love Letter Grids

Shown Below Black Diamond Cloth and Book Stack

I found that social networks, such as Facebook, are GREAT marketing tools, to help build business.  After shoots, I post a couple “sneak peeks” for my customers to view, and all their friends are able to view them as well.
From theses referrals, I now have a very busy business.  
To see the Huge selection of Backdrop Outlet backgrounds and props visit our web site

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