Contest Winners for June Photo Contest

For this months contest we had so many great entries. It was a very hard choice. Hope you enjoy the winners and be sure to enter your images in next months contest.
Our grand prize winner was Larissa McDowell 
She won a $200.00 gift certificate to BACKDROP OUTLET here is link to her Facebook page  
and a link to her   Website
This background is MSS3025

Our first Runners up won a 10'x10' DIAMOND CLOTH
We had many first runners up.   They all did a great job.

Sonya Michelle first runner up
Angie Hall Sides first runner up
Steph Meier Slabodnik first runner up

Shantel Turner Johns  first runner up
Mette Brandt first runner up

Yvonne Lizette Lung first runner up
Lorena Tomblin Photography first runner up

Our 2nd Runners up winners all receive  free Candy stick background.  

Taria A. Reed second runner up

Teresa Dearr second runner up
Hollie Klimek second runner up
Karen Barnett Johansson second runner up

Our Third place winners all receive a background DVD. 

Steph Meier Slabodnik Third runner up

Dianne Stolz Daigneault Third runner up

Amanda Dobkin Tang Third runner up

Sonya Michelle Third runner up

Julie E. Hedges Third runner up

inGRACE photography Third runner up

Nicole Fry Louiso Third runner up

Jessica Hoffmann Hauk Third runner up

Jason N Leann Henderson

Julie E. Hedges Third runner up

Jina Mitchell Bootcheck Third runner up

Jade Pondella  Third runner up

Melanie Weiss Catalano Third runner up

Information for next contest is available HERE
To view more information or order any of the backgrounds or props shown in this blog here is link to BACKDROP OUTLET WEBSITE

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