Posing.... "How did she do that pose" by Amanda Rachael Photography

I often have clients bring their newborns to my studio because they want more than just the traditional poses… they have seen a pose or two of mine that they really want for their child.

If a pose makes you stop and say “how did she do that” then there is probably a lot more to it than meets the eye. The danger presents itself when other photographers see the image and think “oh I bet I could do that too” without knowing how it is done safely, and then do it dangerously as a result.
I know that many times photographers like to keep their “secrets” but I lean more towards the idea of the golden rule… If I would want someone to show me how to do it safely, than I should show others.
Also I know that just  showing someone the steps to accomplish certain poses does not mean I am taking away from my business  clients , why? Because I know that having a paint brush and paint doesn’t make me a artist, and having a microphone doesn’t make me a singer, and having a camera and a how to guide doesn’t make someone a photographer…


It takes time and practice, patience with the newborns, the correct atmosphere, and knowledge of Photoshop (or other advanced editing software)  to produce these images.
I am glad to share my knowledge to other photographers out there knowing that I would want those more experienced to do the same for me because ultimately everyone wants the same thing … Beautiful photographs achieved SAFELY
After taking the 2 main images I make them 2 separate layers and merge them together using Adobe  Photoshop, I then usually run Portraiture from Imagenomic to get that smooth skin tone.

 Here are a few more examples of the pose....


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