Building a Photography set using Candy Stick Backgrounds

by Victoria Meadows

Being a military wife and moving from state to state every couple of years presents a number of challenges. Being a photographer with a home based business adds many more.
One of those challenges is building a studio that can be packed at the drop of a hat and moved to a new location. Nothing can be permanent. Because we are always renting the house and usually not for a very long time, I can not paint it the colors I want and wall paper is always out of a question. So improvisation and innovation become valuable set of skills to have.

Few months ago I decided to build a Victorian bedroom set. Something simple that I can tweak around if needed and easily match the client's look.
One of the things I knew for sure is that I wanted to cover up the plain walls. That's when the search began.
I looked at wall paper, hopping to find a non-permanent one. Something that will easily come off when we move. I looked at fabrics, but I would need yards of it, and the price was a lot more than  I was willing to pay. I looked online and in stores and talked to a lot of people looking for a solution. Ultimately I wanted a large sticker in the right color and design that I would peel off when I was done with it.
One day shopping for a new backdrop on Backdrop Outlet website I came across Candy Stick Backdrops. I watched the video  provided and was so excited. 
That is exactly what I was looking for!

Right away I searched through a multitude of designs and selected one I loved the most.
 I placed an order for two Candy Sticks . Since I only needed to cover half of the wall from floor up I ended up cutting each backdrop in half, and that game me enough to cover the corner I was building a set in.
Candy Sticks are so easy to use and provide the versatility I need. I was very impressed with the quality and vibrant colors. Since then I have purchased few more of the backdrops and love using them for my photo shoot.
I am sure there are many different ways to use the Candy Stick Backdrops... this one is mine
Backdrop Outlet offers thousands of style backgrounds, props and studio Accessories for photographers. you can visit the web site

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