Secrets of a Photographer (Signature Look)

Last week we covered how to sharpen your images using the high pass filter in Photoshop CS5; this week, I will teach you how to obtain my signature look in your photos. A look that is super simple to achieve, yet my clients simply can't get enough of it.

Once again, I will be using my shot of Macy Rodriguez to demonstrate this technique. Macy's natural soft glow on her skin made the original image an awesome addition to my portfolio, but anyone can snap an "awesome photo" any day of the week. To complete any photo; I like to add a certain look to it. In many cases, this is the technique I personally use.

To began click the "Create new fill or adjustment layer" button on the bottom of your layer menu and select the "Black & White" option. We are not going to leave this image with no color though; instead change the opacity (on the upper part of your layers menu) to around the 50% range. You want to lose slight color without going full blown B&W here. In this tutorial, I chose to use 50% opacity.

With your image now slightly run down in color; return back to the "Create new fill or adjustment layer" button and select "Hue/Saturation". The only option you're changing here is the "lightness" to around the 5-15% range depending on your photo. You want to give your image a tint of white without going overboard.

Within just a few steps, you now have your final product. Keep in mind, this isn't for every type of photography or editing need. I rarely use this for product shoots, however I find my models coming back for more of this look time after time.

Have a question or topic you want covered on the blog? Click Here to send James Freeman an email. Next week we will cover how combining this "signature look" with selective coloring can add a simple eye catching effect to your final image. This will also wrap up the first series of "Secrets of a Photographer". And as always, be sure to visit often for other posts in regards to photography tips, post production secrets, and product reviews from Backdrop Outlet.

Article/Photos: James Freeman
Model: Macy Rodriguez

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