A digital world - digital backgrounds and green screens

    Almost every new photographer shoots with a digital camera and edits digitally, but few use digital backgrounds. We're here to show you how easy it can really be. Digital backgrounds aren't only a smart choice due to price, but especially due to selection. Many photographers don't have the option to shoot with beautiful scenery or grunge walls on a daily basis. By using digital backgrounds you can supply whatever look your customer desires every time.
    Using digital backgrounds requires you to have a contrasting background (Digital Green Diamond Cloth or Chroma Green Pro Vinyl), proper lighting, Digital Backdrops, Photoshop and if you desire a masking software. 

    Common first question is "why do I need a digital green backdrop?". Well it's simple - contrast. Most models will stand out in front of green. They most likely won't have green hair or bright green clothing. While you can use other solid colors for your masking needs green has always been the go-to. Masking is the art of picking out edges. Edges are more pronounced when in extreme fashions. Below is a quick side-by-side of the beginning, middle and end. 
    Next question is "what software do I need?". The answer to that can vary, but it always starts with Photoshop and sometimes ends with the masking software/tool of your choice. The above image was masked using Photoshop CS6 alone and shot on a Chroma Green Pro Vinyl. Digital background used is in our Digital Background DVD 2

Last question "what background is best for me?". Preference prevails in this case. Our two best options are Digital Green Diamond Cloth and Chroma Green Pro Vinyl. Diamond Cloth can be folded, washed/dried and hung with a rod pocket. Pro Vinyl is hung similar to a canvas. Simply roll out and clamp to a stand. Each provides great contrast and are very easy to use. 

Steps taken in Photoshop CS6;
-Quick select model
-Ctrl+shift+i (invert selection) and delete (delete the background)
-Select>refine edge>select loose hair

Examples of our Digital Backgrounds!
Backgrounds above available on DVD #1 
Backgrounds above available on STTILE 

Backgrounds above available on DVD #2

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