CANDY FLOORS - Your #1 photography flooring option

    We've heard "I wish my studio had hardwood floors" time and time again. Candy Floors is your answer! Candy Floors are soft, lightweight, durable rubber backed floors designed for photographers. The rubber backing provides the non-slip backing while the soft printed top allows cushion and comfort to anyone posing on it. 

    Shown here is a 4'x5' Candy Floor (style CF191) rolled up, laid flat and shot in two ways. Candy Floors are shipped rolled and store however you choose. You can leave them flat or roll them up and tuck them away. 

    While hardwood styles are our most popular and requested styles we do offer Candy Floors in hundreds of looks. These range from brick and stone to sandy beaches. The soft top provides great color and texture to your photography resulting in a very realistic look. 

         CF1508                            CF308                          CF1936                CF875  

 Candy Floors are available in four convenient sizes; 4'x5', 4'x8', 5'x7' and 8'x8'. Below you'll notice that they work great paired with our Titanium Cloth backgrounds. 

   Which size is best for your style of photography? While we always recommend ordering larger than needed you can get away with the sizes below. Remember, you can never have too much floor. 
4x5 - great for babies and kids
4x8 - great for seniors and adults 
5x7 - great for seniors and adults
8x8 - great for groups (8x8 is one seamless piece, don't be duped by companies that sell this as two pieces)

  Here again is an example from a previous blog we wrote on utilizing smaller backgrounds. It shows how well Candy Floors work with our line of Titanium Cloth backdrops. Photographers also use baseboards to bring the whole look together and add a little more depth to each shot. 

   Candy Boards are always carried on our site here. They're offered in dozens of colors and three different styles. Each board is 5' wide to match our 4'x5' Candy Floors and 5'x6' Titanium Cloth backgrounds.

   Below is another example of a 4'x5' Candy Floor and three separate 5'x6' Titanium Cloth backgrounds showing the flexibility of Candy Floors. You can mix and match styles for different shoots and setups.
   TC844 + CF180                  TC877 + CF180                 TC9058 + CF180