Pro Vinyl - you'll never buy paper again

    If you've ever shot high-key, chroma key or any solid color shoot you know how much of a pain it can be without the proper background. Pro Vinyl is here to save the day. Our high grade Pro Vinyl, available in white, black and green, allows for great shots time after time without the hassle of replacing it. 

Pro Vinyl is a very durable vinyl material which has a slightly textured back for added grip in your studio and a matter facing to achieve that perfect shot. Available sizes include; 4.5'x6', 8'x16' and 9'x18'. The Pro Vinyl comes rolled in a canvas tube which can be used to store the piece when it's not hung up. 

White - White Pro Vinyl is our most popular style and can be used in many ways. High-key lighting being the biggest draw. The contrast you're able to achieve is amazing and leaves your customer smiling all the way home. This background will allow you the brightest white without the glare and reflection of cheaper/lower quality backdrops sold elsewhere. The durability of the piece can't be topped. Instead of ordering roll after roll of paper you can invest in a single Pro Vinyl and be set for years. We often get the question "how durable is it and how can I clean it?". We're glad that customers ask. Pro Vinyl is very durable and also very easy to clean. Many photographers have done dance shoots, cake smashes and pet shoots on our Pro Vinyl with great results. If there ever is a scuff, mark or mess simply wipe it up or use some nonreactive detergent to clean up. It's really that easy.

Black - Black Pro Vinyl allows you to get the deepest and truest black for any shoot. The contrast supplied is just as great as that of our White Pro Vinyl. Again the quality can't be topped and the ease of use is mind boggling. Simply hang and shoot. No more worries of steaming, machine washing or unfolding a background.  It's as easy as clamp and shoot. 

Green - Our Chroma Green Pro Vinyl allows you to venture into digital photography with one less worry. The contrast provided between the background and the subject allows for simple masking. Masking allows you to use digital backgrounds which we offer in hundreds of styles. 

Chroma Green Pro Vinyl has been used in dozens of studios as well as the entertainment industry for shows and movies. Why spend hundreds elsewhere to get a digital green background when you can have the easy use of a Chroma Green Pro Vinyl?

Why do I need Pro Vinyl?

- Replaces paper and all the 
hassles/continued cost of replacing it

-Provides great contrast

-Very durable

-Easy to clean

-Easy to hang (recommended stand)

-Simple rolled storage within the supplied canvas tube

-Because it's simply the best