Shooting on a budget

   If you're shooting on a budget you may want to check out smaller backdrops. Smaller backdrops include; 5x6 Titanium Cloth, 5x6 Platinum Cloth, 5x7 Candy Drops, 5x7 Candy Sticks, 5x9 Diamond Cloth, 5x9 Posh Cloth and 4x5 or 5x7 Candy Floors (used as a floor to your backdrop). Now you may be thinking to yourself that 6'-7' long backdrops just won't work. Sure they aren't fit for a full body shot right off the bat, but there are ways to make them work great. Here are some examples showing the use of smaller backdrops/floors put together to get a full look.

    As you can see here the use of two pieces and a baseboard gives you a full body shot. This allows you the option to purchase multiple floors and walls at very affordable prices and then mix and match to your own taste. Available on our site are thousands of options covering everything you could image. 

    Another option is pairing a 5x9 Posh Cloth with your floor of choice and a baseboard. Posh Cloth like Titanium and Platinum Cloth have sewn in rod pockets to easily hang from a background stand. This allows you to get a quick and easy shot every time! 


    The last option is simply hanging a smaller backdrop (5x6 or 5x7) from a background stand slightly off the floor. By doing that you get a 3D shot with only one piece. Simply hang the piece high and have your model stand a few feet in front of the piece. Crop and you're all set. 

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