Studio Backdrop System

Track System
Have you stood in your studio staring at your current background stand thinking "boy, I wish there was another way to hang all these backdrops"? Well here's your answer! Laurie Yuenger of has put together a great series of shots showing the world just how easy the Track System can be. 

Track is sold and mounted similar to train tracks. You purchase the sections and simply mount them together. There's no minimum or maximum to the system. The pieces of track come in 5' straight sections  , 4' curved corner sections as well as kits. Using the splicers we have available you connect them together as you go down the wall. If you need a little less than 5' to complete your desired system simply cut a 5' section down. It's as easy as that and mounts with a handful of screws. 

No more raising and lowering stands to replace backdrops one after another. Now you have the ease of sliding backdrops side to side to get the desired look for your shoot. Along with our sets come carriers and muslin clips. The clips have two pieces. They slide together to pinch the top of the background in place. These can hold anything from Muslin and Diamond Cloth to our very popular Titanium and Platinum Cloth. We recommend 
clipping every two feet. 

The Track System allows you to store all of your backdrops hanging up! You won't have to search for a background ever again. Simply slide the desired piece into frame and shoot. This will prevent storage problems all together. You also won't have heavy creases left from folding your backdrops during storage. It simply can't get any better than that. 

Below you'll see the final product using the Track System with a 10x10 Diamond Cloth, baseboard and 8x8 Candy Floor. All available on our site

 *System mounts within minutes using L brackets and screws which you can find at your local hardware store or directly mounted into the ceiling. The Track System is lightweight and very easy to use.

Laurie Yuenger, with Pixel This!