DIAMOND CLOTH - The wrinkle resistant, washer and dryer safe super backdrop

   If you're not already familiar with our award winning Diamond Cloth you soon will be. Diamond Cloth is a sturdy, durable, muslin-like fabric that is both washer and dryer safe. It's available in the truest colors to give you the the blackest blacks, brightest whites and everything in between. Diamond Cloth is designed to not wear or fade over time. It's compact, lightweight and far more wrinkle resistant than your standard muslin. Each piece includes a sewn rod pocket for simple hanging. Sizes include; 5'x9', 10'x10', 10'x20' and 20'x20'. 

   First up is our Black Diamond Cloth. It gives you a very deep black for any shoot you may be doing. The contrast supplied results in stunning images time after time. 

   Next up is our White Diamond Cloth. Whether you're doing high-key or a cake smash the White Diamond Cloth will always work great. Diamond Cloth is washer and dryer safe for any mishap or mess that may occur during a shoot. 

Lastly would be our dozens of vibrant colors

Hanging Diamond Cloth from a background stand or our Muslin Track is a breeze. Track is sold and mounted similar to train tracks. You purchase the sections and simply mount them together. There's no minimum or maximum to the system. The pieces of track come in 5' straight sections  , 4' curved corner sections as well as kits. Using the splicers we have available you connect them together as you go down the wall. If you need a little less than 5' to complete your desired system simply cut a 5' section down. It's as easy as that and mounts with a handful of screws. 

Shown below is our Diamond Cloth hung using our Muslin Track

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