FANTASY CLOTH - the wonder backdrop

We get calls and emails everyday asking questions about our Fantasy Cloth. Questions that include; how does it work? what is it? can I use it like a muslin? is it really as great as people say it is? Our response is that yes, it's awesome and can be used many ways. Fantasy Cloth is a sheer backdrop and that's why you want it! It can be layered, doubled up, shot through or used with gels. It's really a wonder backdrop that has more uses than a Swiss Army Knife. 

So let's start with the material. Each piece is roughly 10 feet wide and 20 feet long (very roughly 3 meters by 5 meters long) hand dyed gossamer. That means each piece is made like a tie-dye t-shirt. The coloring process gives each piece tons of texture and depth. This allows you to use it in dozens of ways. Fantasy Cloth is available in solid colors as well as marbled. Marbled means that it's left white or multi-colored in some portions similar to tie-dye. 

Next point to emphasize is the way you'd use it. It will come folded like a muslin and you'll first notice wrinkles. Simply take the piece and ball it up like a wad of paper. This will relieve it of the creases in the folding/shipping process and give it even more texture. No, this will not mean that it'll look like a wrinkled mess, it'll give it more texture and character. 

Finally the good stuff.  You'll notice in our dozens of sample images that Fantasy Cloth can be used in creative ways. You can hang it doubled up and shoot like a standard muslin. You can drape it over a solid color muslin and develop different colors. You can use it to resemble clouds or grass. You can mix styles to create even more colors and textures. You can think outside the box and shoot light through it for a fun glow. You can even use gels to change the color of your Fantasy Cloth. Simply clamp it to a background stand and shoot!

Below is an example of our White Fantasy Cloth and our Basic Backlight Kit giving you five choices with just one piece!