Photoshop Actions - Set your photography apart from others

    The Photoshop Complete Actions Set is a tremendous time-saving tool for photographers. You can either use one action or combine multiple actions for touching up or enhancing your photographs. The possibilities are endless with our artistic Photoshop actions.
    For those unfamiliar with the Photoshop Complete Actions Set, it's simply pre-recorded tasks that help you improve your workflow and perform complex techniques with just a click of a button. These actions will save you valuable time, allowing you to automate your work and improve workflow efficiency.

  • Productivity Set

  • Illustration Tools - Three (3) Blur Actions for various effects, Two (2) B&W Conversions for simple and advanced conversions

    Production Tools - Five (5) Unsharp Masking tools for various levels of the effect, Two (2) 4x6 conversions in Adobe98 ad RGB formats, A bonus 7" proof creator and a logo adder as well. Everything you need to produce proofs for your clients.

    Retouch Tools - Includes multiple Duster actions to clean up your photo. Also includes an advanced Skin Touch-Up tool to edit out any blemishes. In addition to this tool, we offer two (2) porcelain skin actions as well to magnify the photo.

    Webifier Set - All the actions necessary to ready your images for the web including protection action to reduce theft.

  • Soft Shadow Collection

  • Set Includes 3 Soft Shadow Packs - Regular, Low Contrast, and High Contrast Each Includes- Regular, B&W, Sepia, Blue, and Green Soft Shadow Actions both with and without grain.

    Glamorize your photos by choosing from the variety this set offers. These actions will blow you away with their ease and performance.

  • Magic Actions Vol. 1

  • Color Blur - Give your photo a retro look with this Color Blur Action. A partial transition between color and B&W to give your photo a unique look.

    Color Layers - A collection of actions that add color layers to your photo. Including B&W, Blue, Glow settings, and a variety of Color Light actions.

    Color Tones - Over 20 actions for adding color tones of all sorts.

    Fashionista - A variety of Fashionista effects along with our custom BustyBooty action and Painter actions to give your photo a hand painted effect.

    Glamour Touchups

     - Smooth Skin Tool, Make-Up applier (eyes, lips and blush), Glamofier, and Skin Luminator - Perfect for portraits to make them look magazine worthy.

  • Magic Actions Vol. 2

  • Edge Tools - Provide edging of all sorts with these 10+ actions that allow for various effects of edging to your photographs.

    Image Glamourizers - Portrait and Scenic versions of this action allow you to glamourize your photos for color-popping and detailing.

    Image Hardeners - This variety of 10+ actions allows you to harden your images and add that extra "Punch" to make your photos more life-like.

     Majestic Actions Set

    Tools for adding age, texture, and color popping. Includes cartoon actions too to make your photos unlike any others.

    Actions are MAC and PC compatible. Actions have been tested in CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6. Actions load automatically into Photoshop once opened. Actions are not compatible with Photoshop Elements. 


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