Tara Eveland with Tara Eveland Photography

   Meet Tara Eveland, she owns and operates a studio in Southern Illinois that specializes in Women & Children portraiture; Tara Eveland Photography. She's worked in the photography industry for 11 years now, but always in other peoples studios, for newspapers, or managing corporate studios such as Sears and Walmart. She was blessed in 2010 to be able to open Tara Eveland Photography and finally have her own name accompany her work. Since the first shoot she has only used backdrops from backdropoutlet.com


  "Because they are amazing. The selection is wonderful, there is something there for anyone and everyone. The drops and floors, even the props are very budget friendly and the quality is unbeatable. I also want to state that the exceptional customer service is what has kept me coming back time and time again. I am a sample shooter and through the program I did get to try various products and figure out which ones I loved the most. 

   The first illustration here is a photo of one of the newer products offered, the matted back candy floor drop. This is so versatile and can actually be clipped up to make a background/floor for a little one, or used as just a floor. Here are some photos using it both ways. The first is a photo of my own son and the floor is lightweight enough to be clamped as you can see, and used as the drop as well as the floor! The second photo you see is using the floor along with a Titanium Cloth to create a gorgeous image of my daughter modeling a dress for a boutique. I am also showing here the very simple setup that I used. You can see the reflector and the one light. I did not edit this photo other than a size adjustment so that you may see the vivid colors of these drops that are cleaned on a regular basis and still maintain their great colors!" - Tara Eveland


Titanium Cloth TC1055 - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE and Background Stand EX121 - LINK
Also available as a non-slip floor - LINK

    "My other favorite product are the Titanium Cloth. I love these drops because they fold, not roll like vinyl and therefore are wrinkle free! You can just throw them in the washer and not have to worry about the color fading out of them either. I own almost exclusively Titanium Cloth. Here are a few examples of my favorites. The first I use a lot in my boudoir session, this headboard is so realistic looking and just lovely. Clients often come in and say "so where is the headboard from that last shoot, I want to use that" and then they are shocked to find out it is really a background! The second Titanium Cloth I am featuring is so versatile and is dear to my heart because I love all things Chevron! Isn't this just adorable! (this shot was inspired by moms cravings of lucky charms when she was pregnant!)" Tara Eveland

Titanium Cloth TC2843 - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
Titanium Cloth TC9051 - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

If you love these photos and wish to see more you can find me at www.taraevelandphotography.com    or on facebook you can look me up as Tara EvelandPhotography~women & Children Portraiture. Thank you to the Backdrop Outlet for allowing my studio to capture these great images, it wouldn't have been possible without your awesome company and continued support!

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