Save money and expand your selection using Digital Backdrops

   We've posted before about how easy and effective Digital Backdrops are, but we want to emphasize the savings they can provide. Most photographers we've encountered lack a few key things. They tend to have some solid color backdrops and maybe some Old Masters, but they may not have any sports or holiday themed backdrops and props. Using our inexpensive and high quality Digital Backdrops will solve that problem. 
Photo: Digital Backdrop CD #5 

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We noticed that many photographers have one weakness in their studio backdrops. That being a lack of sports and holiday backdrops when the situation comes up. We've put both those together on one disc just for you!
    Above is our CD #5 which would solve many problems and save hundreds if not thousands for photographers worldwide. You'll no longer need to tell your client "sorry, I don't have much to work with". 

   We offer over 20 separate CD's which cover almost any theme you'd want to shoot. Each is offered in digital download or physical CD format. Additional savings can be had for those that don't care to have a physical copy on them. The Digital Download version is supplied to you within 48 hours of ordering and supplies all the same images.

Other fun themed CD's that'll help expand your backdrop selection;

CD #23 - Doors Collection 

 CD #22 - Flags Collection 

CD #15 - Fun Themes

CD #7 - Weddings and More
   Now you might be reading this and say to yourself "I may save money with these, but I'll have to invest in many things to make it work". Luckily you should already have Adobe Photoshop and most likely have solid color backdrops to shoot on. In order to use Digital Backdrops you simply have to drop the model in Photoshop and use them as the top layer. While the most common way of masking/dropping out images is on digital/chroma green backdrops, you may try using a solid white. We've shot plenty of models using our Pro Vinyl backgrounds in various colors and have had great success. Below are a few options for shooting on solid backdrops in order to mask/drop your model in Photoshop.

The most popular being our Digital Green Diamond Cloth

The next would be our Chroma Green Pro Vinyl 

Our personal favorite being White Pro VinylMasking software and Photoshop alike work by detecting edges. Edges are strongly defined when there's good contrast. By using solid white or green you'll get the strong edges that'll allow quick and easy masking.

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