Choosing Backdrops for Children’s Photography

Choosing Backdrops for Children’s Photography

Children grow up so fast. It seems like they change every time you turn around, and the best way to remember the way they looked at a given age is to take pictures. Children’s photography is actually quite unique for a few different reasons. Little ones aren’t as likely to smile on cue or pose exactly the way you want them to. The result is often more natural, in the moment pictures where they are just being themselves. Kids also have a softer look to them. The wrong backdrop could detract from the subject. It’s a good idea to have back grounds that you use just for children’s photography so that you can capture them in the perfect atmosphere. How, then, do you choose the right children’s backdrops?

Choosing Baby Backgrounds

The key with photographing babies is avoiding anything overly busy. Tiny little babies can get lost in all of the details of a busy backdrop. You want something that is just as soft and sweet as the little one you are photographing. A good example would be the Baby Rocks Collection from Backdrop Outlet. They have just enough whimsy to be sweet or cute without taking away from the tiny subject. On good example is the soft, wood board design below. It’s item number CD805.

Soft materials like fur make another good option. Often, it will create the illusion that the baby is sleeping on a cloud or in a basket of soft sweetness. Furs are versatile because they can be used as backgrounds as well as for flooring or even as cushioning for babies in a basket. A good example of this is Monster Fur from Backdrop Outlet, like style number ABMF001 seen here.

The rule of thumb to use anytime you are photographing babies is to keep things soft, not overwhelming, and in lighter colors.

Choosing Children’s Backgrounds

Backgrounds for children can be brighter and more fun. Kids from toddler age through the teen years do continue going through changes, but they will have more of their own personality, and that should always shine through in the pictures.

Of course, school type backgrounds are fun for kids, especially when they are in the elementary school years. This chalkboard Candy Drop background is fun because it hearkens back to the days of chalk and green boards without getting overwhelming. Style number CD1486.

Children’s backgrounds can be fun, bright, amusing, cute, or anything in between. Try being creative and use different solid colors, prints, or patterns. Additionally, it is a very good idea to keep a standard Old Master background on hand for more formal or classic children’s portraits. A good example is this Old Master, item number CDST1015. Old Masters are good backgrounds to keep anyway because they can be used for formal family photos, children, formal senior pictures, bridal images, and more.

Photographing children can be tricky, but it is so important. Kids change so quickly that you will want to capture them now before they change again. Backdrops for kids can vary depending on the child’s age, but you will certainly find numerous different options at

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