Five Backdrops Every Photographer Should Have

There are so many different things you have to think about when building your photo studio, like lighting, props, and camera equipment. Then, when you start shopping for backdrops, you will find out something a little unsettling. There are hundreds of different options. How could you possibly ever narrow down the options and choose the right backgrounds to have available in your photo studio? If you are working with a limited budget, the decision becomes even more difficult. To get started, there are essentially five backdrops that every photographer should have. If you don’t have the money to spend on lots of different options, then make sure you purchase these four and you will be able to offer beautiful portraits. Then, you can add to your stock once you get your feet off the ground.

The Old Master

It’s called an Old Master for a reason. This classic backdrop has been considered the icon of professional photography for decades. These days, when people like more spontaneity in their images, this backdrop is often reserved for special occasions, but it works as sort of a catch-all, appealing to numerous different session types, like:

·       Family Portraits
·       Senior Formal Poses
·       Newborn Photography
·       Bridal Portraits

Any photographer who has a studio should consider the Old Master as one of the most important backdrops to always have available. This is an option you will find yourself turning to again and again. For that reason, be willing to spend a little more money and purchase a canvas backdrop. It will look better and last longer.

This Old Master, item number CO308 includes classic shades of brown. We have dozens of Old Master styles available on our wrinkle free Titanium Cloth here.

Solid Black

Every photographer needs a solid black background. This will be the perfect option for taking black and white photography or capturing dramatic color images. Virtually any type of photo session can be completed on this background, including family, children, newborn, maternity, senior, bridal, and more.

This lovely maternity shot is on Diamond Cloth Black, item number AB500.

Solid White

Every photographer also needs a solid white background. We've covered solid white in a previous blog, but we can't stress enough how important this is. White backgrounds can be used for so many things. A short list includes; hi key shots, head shots, promotional/product photography and much more. A solid white background can even be blown out and used as your green screen. Your masking software of choice should easily pick up the edges and make your drop out easy and clean. Below are just a few examples of how great white looks regardless of it's lack of color. We recommend to let the model stand out sometimes. 

              This adorable image was shot on our ultra durable Pro Vinyl White, item number AB406.

The Brick Wall

Some may be scratching their heads about now, but think about it for a moment. When seniors come to your studio, they will want something trendy and distinctly “teen” in style. The weathered brick wall has just enough urban grunge to be perfect for senior pictures. Additionally, it could be used for older kids, themed picture settings, and even engagement sessions.

This weathered wall, item number CD001, is perfect for senior sessions.

The Christmas Scene

Holidays are always very important for portrait photography and you will definitely want to ensure you have a good Christmas backdrop so that you can offer holiday cards, family portraits and much more during this season.

This fun backdrop offers a traditional feel complete with tree, presents, and snow. (Item number TC214)

If you have backdrops in these five categories, you will certainly be prepared for any type of photography that clients may request. This is a good place to start and these options are considered the staples for any studio. With an Old Master, a black backdrop, a white backdrop, a senior scene, and a Christmas option, you will be ready. 

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