Quick Shoots using Themed Backdrops

Themed Backdrops Are Fun for Quick Shoots

When you first start taking pictures, one of your biggest obstacles to success will be getting new customers. Most people already have someone they use, have a friend of a friend, or some other excuse of why they don’t come to you. Since you are a relative unknown, it’s certainly hard to blame them. It will be your job to show that you are a talented photographer, and one very good way to do this is through quick shoots or quick takes. Just what are those? Essentially, you will set up one theme, offer small, extremely discounted packages, and only schedule short, thirty minute sessions. Quick sessions like this are fun, cute, and a great way to advertise your budding business. They will give potential customers a chance to see what skills you offer without them having to commit to the high cost of a full session.

The key to making quick shoots successful is to put together a basic plan and always stick with it. For example, you could offer the sessions once a month and provide a single package, like 1 8x10, 2 5x7s and 8 wallets for $40 or something of the sort. Then, you don’t have to change anything but the theme.

You can be very creative with the theme too and you will just need the right backdrop along with a few props. Themed backdrops are fun because they can be used in these quick takes, but versatile enough to be used for other purposes.


During the autumn months, you can have a lot of fun with backdrops and even Halloween themes. You can either choose simple backgrounds and add in plenty of props or you could choose more detailed, themed backgrounds like the two shown here. (Item numbers CD730 and CD9413).  For the quick sessions, you could advertise one for Halloween where kids can dress up in their costumes or one for autumn hay rides where they wear their favorite cowboy or farmer style outfit.


Christmas time can be a very busy season, but it is still a good opportunity for quick shoots. You will want to take advantage of the season by offering several in the Christmas or winter theme. For example, if you know someone who doesn’t mind dressing up, you could do a Santa and Me quick take. Other options include walking in a winter wonderland, ice skating at the pond, Christmas in England, or anything else you think up. Ideal backgrounds will be ones that you could recycle and use for other Christmas portrait sessions, like this one (Item number TC7860)


The summertime is the perfect chance to do mock beach photography right in your studio. These beach quick shoots will always be a hit from one year to the next and they are easy to accomplish with the perfect backdrop and some fun props. You may wish to purchase sand made for sandboxes to create the scene and then add in a beach towel and a ball or two. Beach scenes can be used again and again, like this one, item number CD7983.

Quick shoots will be the perfect chance to show your talent. This is a guaranteed way to bring in more customers as well. All you need to do is choose a theme and then pick the perfect background from www.BackdropOutlet.com. 


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