Appeal to More People by Offering Holiday Photo Shoots

Whether you're starting a photography business or you're just trying to bring in more customers, one of your best options is to offer a specialty photo shoot that will appeal to everyone. Can you think of one season or holiday that seems to bring family together more than any other? Christmas should come to mind right away. The Christmas holidays are a time when families get together, celebrate traditions, and just enjoy each other’s company. This is also the perfect time to offer a photo session. People love the holidays, and they will definitely be excited to get a family picture.

The best thing about offering holiday photo sessions is that you will also be able to offer extra products, like Christmas cards that customers will enjoy sending out or stocking stuffers like ornaments, calendars, coasters, notebooks, and more. You can bring in more customers and get more business by offering these shoots.

How do you get started? All you need are a few key things: the right backdrop, a few props, and the right atmosphere. Creating the atmosphere is easy. All you need to do is decorate your studio with a few holiday items and then start playing Christmas music softly in the background.

The Backdrop

You have numerous different options for a Christmas or holiday backdrop depending on the look you want. You may wish to change it up every year and appeal to more customers as well. Think about what you think customers would like the most based on current trends. Some of your options are:

·       A Christmas home scene complete with warm fireplace, sparkling tree and frost on the windows. A good option is item number TC066.

·       A winter wonderland theme with snow-capped trees and a blizzard-like feel. A good option is item number: TC7897.

·       An abstract scene with a hint of Christmas sparkle. When you choose options like this, you can reuse them for other types of photography as well. A great option is TCK046.

Once you decide to do Christmas pictures, it is a good idea to advertise this special by taking a photo of a model with the backdrop and setting and then showing it off. When people can see the beautiful images they will get, they will be much more likely to book a session.


You can use props too to enhance your Christmas pictures. You can be creative with these, but make sure they go along well with the scene. Good options include wrapped presents for home scenes, an old street lantern for outdoor pictures, or sparkling lights and ornaments for abstract backdrops.

A prop you can never go wrong with for Christmas is a Snowman!

Christmas is the perfect season to bring in more customers. That’s because so many people will be feeling sentimental or close to their family and they will want to capture the special moment. You can make this happen by choosing the right holiday backdrop from Just make sure you add extra products to your sales options so that customers can buy Christmas cards or holiday gifts. 

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