How to Be Successful at Baby Photography

When you want to take pictures, one of your most common subjects will be babies. That’s because every parent wants to capture their little ones before they grow up and those little ones change in the blink of an eye. You will find that people are willing to pay quite frequently to have their baby’s pictures taken, and you can build a successful business out of this. However, you need to put some things into place from the very beginning so that you can establish yourself as a high-quality baby photographer.

Put Together a Program

To begin with, you need to consider how you want to charge for baby photography. One great option is to create a club or program specifically for babies. An ideal option is offer pictures at a special rate for babies at specific ages, like newborn then 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, and 24 months. If you give an incentive for joining a club, like a free 5x7 from each of the nine sessions, then you will draw in more customers. To make the program more appealing, consider offering lower priced packages to members of the club.

Buy the Right Backdrops

You will need specific backdrops for baby photography. That’s because you can’t use anything overly bright, harsh, and overwhelming or the baby will be lost in all of the background. Instead, you need to choose soft options.

A few good options include solid colors like white or black. You can choose a variety of different materials for these solid backdrops, including Diamond Cloth, like the two backdrops seen below. (Item numbers AB500 and AB501)

Always consider these solids to be staples of good baby photography. You can also use them in other studio situations since they are quite versatile.

Another backdrop option for more modern newborn pictures would be fun natural or unique scenes. There are plenty to choose from, but still pick muted colors that won’t be too bright or overwhelming. This softly shaded backdrop from the Baby Rocks collection can create a more modern option for baby photography. (Item number CD1531) Other great Candy Drop options link.

After you have chosen the right backdrops, you will find it much easier to offer quality baby photography that will keep customers coming back again and again.

The Props

The final thing you need to be successful at baby photography would be props. Newborn babies cannot sit up, hold their heads up, or pose in any way. Obviously, you can’t just lay them on the floor. Instead, you will need props. There are plenty of options. A baby poser will be ideal to create a more traditional look for the images. If you want to do something more contemporary, you could choose bowls, baskets, baby bed props, natural wood and rustic benches, and other props that will help you think outside of the box. When you use these props along with fur materials, you will create a fun and sweet image like this one that includes a basket, a muted backdrop, and grizzly fur. (Item number ABGF007)

The easiest way to be successful at baby photography is to take beautiful images. That can be done by using the right backdrops and props. Then, give customers an incentive to come back and you will certainly stay busy. 

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