Props for the Perfect Newborn Session

Ask any pro photographer, and they will most likely agree. Photographing newborns is likely the most difficult session they do. Tiny little newborns look so cute and sweet in professional images. However, any mother knows that isn’t exactly the truth in real life. Babies that are only a few weeks old tend to be red, wrinkly, and sometimes a little purple.

Their skin is usually peeling and, of course, that umbilical cord may not have fall off yet. This makes capturing newborns hard on its own. Then, you must factor in that they can’t hold their head up, focus their eyes, smile, or even keep their arms from waving about. It’s a difficult task photographing babies. However, it is also a fun one and you certainly will not want to pass up the opportunity just because of any difficulties. Instead, you just need to know what it takes to capture beautiful newborn portraits.

Some of the most important things you will need will be props. Since little ones cannot hold their heads up, much less sit up or pose, you need props specially designed for newborns. There are plenty of options to choose from too.

The Baby Poser

The best way to start is with a baby poser. This one object is something you will turn to over and over again, especially since you can buy different covers to get a complete new look when you would like. The baby poser is ideal for newborns since it makes things quite easy to pose the little ones without putting them at risk of injury. The standard baby poser looks like this: PR9645 - 2pc Baby Poser

You can even buy covers and sets, like this adorable bird’s nest combo set from Backdrop Outlet, item number PR9700.

You should consider the baby poser one of the most important props you could purchase for newborn sessions. After you have it, you can branch out to numerous other options.

Other Props

There are numerous other props you could choose to use with newborns. The most important thing to remember is that everything should be smaller. Any overly large props will overwhelm the tiny baby and this simply won’t look good in pictures.

Backdrop Outlet offers a variety of different baby props that you could consider, and many different items are versatile enough to use in a variety of different situations, like the Milan Posing Baby Bed. This precious bed pairs perfectly with many different backgrounds and fur materials.

There are many different props you could choose for newborn pictures. Just remember to pick things that are the right size. Additionally, choose soft colors that won’t overwhelm the baby either.

Newborns aren’t easy to photograph. However, taking their pictures is a joy that any photographer should experience. Make sure you have the right props, and you will find it much easier to take the perfect pictures of a tiny little one. Backdrop Outlet makes it easy for you to find the perfect newborn props for any situation. 

For more great baby props check here! - PRWRAP shown below

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