The Basics of Posing Men

As you get more involved in photography, you will find that posing men is quite different from women. With women, your goal is to make them look feminine and soft. With men, the goal is directly the opposite. They want to look strong and masculine. Instead of breaking the posing up based on body parts as you would do with women, with men, you want to think of the overall pose. Essentially, there are specific poses that always look good for men. You don’t have to change things that much from one subject to the next.

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The Waist Up Image

To start with, consider the waist up image. This is one of the most common poses you will use when photographing men, so you will want a strong grasp on what to do.

·       Have the subject cross their arms. This will give their shoulders and upper arms a wider, stronger look.
·       Keep the shoulders square with the camera. If you do photograph at an angle, then have the closest shoulder to the camera higher than the other.
·       Have the subject put their weight on one leg. Even in close up images, this will set their pose more naturally.

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With waist up images, you want to capture a natural, masculine feel for the pictures. Don’t be afraid to play with lighting for more drama as well.

The Full Length Shot

Full length shots for men should be relaxed, confident, and comfortable. Sometimes, it is hard to get a guy to relax when photographing them, so consider telling a joke or playing music to make the environment more relaxed overall.  A few tips on the full length shot include the following:

·       Have the subject cross one leg over the other while standing. This will ensure they shift their weight to one leg and this will create a more flattering pose.
·       Try having the subject place their hands in their pockets. Always ensure their thumbs are showing so that a viewer will still be able to recognize the hands. Again, make sure the weight is shifted to one leg.
·       For a sitting portrait, have the subject cross one leg over the other with the ankle resting on the knee.
·       For sitting on the ground poses, have the subject shift their weight to one hip and place one hand on the ground. The other arms should be resting slightly on an upraised knee.

The main goal with men is to keep things simple. They will likely be uncomfortable with having their picture made, and you don’t want to ask them to tackle difficult poses. If you follow these tips for some basic waist up and full length images, you will be able to start off on the right foot with photographing men. These pose options look good with any type of photography, from family portraits to senior pictures. Whenever you photograph men, remember that your goal is to make them look masculine and strong. You can find the backdrops you need for photographing men at

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