Saving money is never a bad idea when you're a photographer. That's why we've designed a wide array of backdrop and floor combos to meet any and all photographic needs. Don't see something that fits your shoot? No worries! Simply design your own combo with COMBO000. Transforming your studio into the look you want shouldn't be so hard.

Each backdrop and floor combo set includes a Titanium Cloth and Candy Floor. The Titanium Cloth includes a sewn-in rod pocket for simple hanging and is washer and dryer safe. The Candy Floor has a soft top and rubber backing to prevent any slipping or even moving in the case of babies and kids. Candy Floors can also be washed, vacuumed or simply swept off. 

Now the decision is yours! Which combo is your favorite? Submit your personal fave in the comments at the bottom!

Combos are on sale at $149/each for a limited time!

COMBO117                         COMBO118
COMBO123                         COMBO120
COMBO127                         COMBO126
COMBO121                         COMBO129

COMBO119                         COMBO124

COMBO128                         COMBO122

COMBO000                         COMBO125

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