The Basics of Posing Women

If you are new to photography, there are certain lessons you will learn very early. One of the most important is that if you don’t take pictures of women that flatter them, then they will not buy anything and probably never even come back to you. The vast majority of women are self-conscious, and they will want to look their best in every picture you take. In other words, if the pose makes them look like they weigh more than they do or that makes them look too masculine, they won’t be happy. Whether you are taking family portraits or senior pictures, you need to know how to properly pose and photograph the female persuasion.

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With some simple basic details, you can get started photographing women with ease. The right poses can make all the difference. To understand posing women more easily, we will break down the types of images into four different categories: head and shoulders (often called headshots), waist up, three quarter length, and full length.

Head and Shoulders

When photographing close up images of women, you want them to be as flattering as possible. In other words, she should loo k feminine, soft, and pretty. There are little things you can change in how you have the subject pose that will make a big difference. Here are some tips that will definitely help you.

·       The shoulders should never been in line with the camera. This makes them look wider. Instead, they should always be at an angle. Have the subject turn slightly in the direction of an imaginary point just to the right or left of the camera.

·       The shoulder closest to the camera should always be slightly lower than the other. This creates a more feminine posture.

·       The head should be tilted slightly. This will create a more diagonal line that is more appealing. Tilt the head in the direction that is most flattering for the subject.

Remember that you want to focus on the eyes specifically n close up images. You can make them look larger by having the subject turn slightly away from the camera and look back.

Three Quarters, Waist Up, and Full Length

There are a few tips that will help you with any of these posing options. Again, you want to ensure the subject looks as flattering as possible. You never want to add pounds to their figure either. A few tips that can help you when posing women for these shots include:

    ·       Hands should appear natural with fingers slightly bent. Discourage fists or straight fingers that will look strange.

    ·       Never allow the subject to clasp their hands in front of their stomach. This draws attention to the area and is not flattering.

      TC928 shown to the left shows all these tips executed in a single image.

·       Each leg should be posed separately. For example, have the subject place their weight on one leg and bend the other slightly when standing. When sitting, one leg can be straighter while the other is bent.

·       Toes should never be pointed directly toward the camera. This distorts the feet. Instead, have them at an angle.

TC444 shown to the right.

When photographing women, your main goal should always be to create a feminine, soft, and appealing look. With simple tips, you can make this happen. Find the perfect props and backgrounds to use in women’s photography at

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