Trendy Tuesday - Christmas Backdrops, Floors and Combos!

New backgrounds, floors and combos added each week!
The holiday season can bring in a lot of extra business, but sometimes solid red and green backdrops just won't cut it. For fun new setups check out our latest holiday combos and newest backdrop and photography floor options!

Our new backdrop/floor combos make it super easy to get ready for the holiday season which is already upon us!

Often times holiday family shoots can be a real snore for the kids. They're often tangled up in tight turtlenecks and ties that they don't know how to tie. Bring a little fun and warmth into your next shoot with these new hits.


These styles will be available in our Titanium Cloth (TC), Candy Drop (CD), Candy Stick (CB), Candy Canvas (CR) and Platinum Cloth (PC) 

We strongly recommend the Titanium Cloth for any and all shoots! Click here to see why!

Check back here for new styles each week!



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