You may be saying out loud to yourself right now "'s not even September yet". We'd have to agree with you, but photographers and photography enthusiasts have birthdays too! You don't even need a major holiday to let your good friend or partner know that you not only care, but support their passion. Let us show you what you might soon realize you'll want yourself!

 Photographers are some of the most fun loving and passionate people around. Why not get them something that can show off what they enjoy AND make them feel good at the same time? Our line of photography themed shirts is sure to hit the spot. 
You thought for a second we'd simply offer a unisex shirt? Not a chance! We have lines fit for both Men and Women. Grab a Women's v-neck for the photographer that wants to be fashion forward with their awesomeness.
*More great styles shown online 

So you've seen the sick line of shirts, but you're worried that the gift recipient is a bit too "refined" for a t-shirt. We get that. That's why we set out to design the cleanest line of photography inspired posters around! We sell these individually and unframed to allow you to choose what to do with it. You don't buy a home fully furnished, do you? Oh...sorry we assumed you'd say no. Well to the rest of you here's what you're looking for! 

At this point you've obviously nabbed a shirt or two and decked out not only your friends place in sweet posters, but also your own. Now you have to think about how you're going to enjoy a gift together. While we wouldn't recommend sharing a shirt, we do think a set of lens shot glasses would be a killer idea. We know that not everyone enjoys drinking and that's why we've used these little guys for a numerous amount of things;
-paperclip holder at the desk
-espresso cup
-fun prop for young ones
-mini plant holder 
and the list goes on...

Now we know you've got to be tired. You should also know we've got you covered! Grab a trendy pillow for home, studio or on-the-go use.
So whether you, your friend or someone you know enjoys photography you'll have a plan for that next gift idea! Check out all of these great gift ideas and more from Backdrop Outlet.  

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