Think Outside the Backdrop

If you're like most photographers you probably have a slew of backgrounds. Maybe a few Old Master, a handful of solid colors and the occasional Scenic or Abstract backgrounds. That's a great start, but have you thought about what else you could bring your customers? Let's cover just a few options "outside the backdrop".


Plexiglass is 2'x4' and available in 5 great colors; Mirror, Clear, Black, Blue and White. Each can be used by itself or as a fun accent to your setup. 

Candy Floors

Candy Floors are soft, lighweight, durable floors designed for Photographers. They photograph like real floors and switch out effortlessly. The soft top supplies a nice surface for babies, adults and pets. The rubber backing provides a non-slip grip for worry free shoots. Click here to learn more about them.

Candy Floors are available in four great sizes; 4'x5, 4'x8', 5'x7' and 8'x8'. They can be used as a floor, backdrop or both in the same shot!
Fur can be a great asset in your studio. It can be used as a backdrop, floor or accessory. It's super soft and comes in a bunch of great colors and sizes.

Colors - Brown, Pink, White, Gold, Red, Orange, Caramel, Lavender, Green, Wine, Blue, Cream, Grey/White and Pink/White.

Sizes - 15"x18", 30"x36" and 60"x72"

Fantasy Cloth

Fantasy Cloth are 9'x16' sheer backdrops. We know what you're thinking "but that's a backdrop". True, but it's so much more than that. Fantasy Cloth works great for draping, using gels, shooting through them and using them as props. When we say props we mean using white as snow or clouds, green as grass and just about anything else you can imagine.

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